Tiguvon Spot On

Cattle Lice Insecticide
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Tiguvon Spot‑On is an easy-to-use, cost‑effective treatment for controlling biting and sucking lice on all breeds of beef cattle and non-lactating dairy cows. Tiguvon Spot-On contains the active ingredient Fenthion, an organophosphate insecticide that effectively kills all stages of lice. Following application, Tiguvon is rapidly absorbed through the skin and enters the bloodstream. Tiguvon causes adult and nymph stages of lice to die quickly and will continue to kill lice that hatch from eggs for 10 – 14 days after treatment.  

Lice irritate cattle, causing them to bite, scratch and rub. This damages both their hide and fences, detracting from the value of the cattle and often resulting in costly property repairs. The considerable irritation of lice on cattle can have consequent effects on production performance, and in severe infestations, can result in anaemia.

Product Information

Active Constituent

Fenthion 200g/L

Product Benefits

  • Can be used on all breeds of beef and non-lactating dairy cattle
  • Treats both biting and sucking lice
  • Convenient ready-to-use, low volume spot on treatment
  • Rainfast - can be applied when the hide is wet and effective if rainfall occurs after treatment
  • Short domestic meat withhold period of 10 days

Directions for Use

Apply Tiguvon Spot-On once per season when lice become evident. The best time to treat is during the first few weeks of extended cold weather in the autumn/winter. When Tiguvon is applied at the optimum time, only one treatment per season is usually required. However, further treatment later in the season may be necessary if lice reappear. 

Tiguvon is supplied in a backpack and must be applied only with the special Spot-On Gun or Dial-a-Dose cup. Do not apply through drench guns or vaccinators as Tiguvon Spot-On has a detrimental effect on some plastic and rubber components.


Apply 2.5mL/110kg liveweight to the rump or loins of the animal in one spot.

May be used on pregnant cows, and at the same time as drenching, castrating, dehorning and vaccinating.

RESTRAINT - Do not apply to calves less than 2 weeks old.

Withholding Periods

MEAT: 10 days.

MILK: Do not use on lactating cows where milk or milk products may be used for human consumption.


Pack Size

500mL, 2.5L backpack and 10L drum

Parasites & Pests

  • Lice

    The major louse affecting Australian sheep is the sheep body louse, Bovicola (formerly Damalinia) ovis. The parasite feeds on the fatty secretions on the surface of the skin. Sheep lice cause intense irritation to infested sheep, resulting in pulled and cotted wool, especially around the flanks.…

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