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Lice-infested cattle rub against fences, damaging both their hide as well farm structures. This detracts from the value of the cattle and can result in costly property repairs. Tiguvon Spot‑On is an easy-to-use, cost‑effective treatment for controlling biting and sucking lice on all breeds of beef cattle and non-lactating dairy cows. It can be used on calves over 2 weeks of age.

Tiguvon will kill lice nymphs and adults on the animal at the time of treatment. Tiguvon will remain at an effective level for around 10-14 days after treatment, controlling Lice that hatch in that period.

Product Information

Product Benefits:

  • Controls biting and sucking lice
  • Controlshatching nymphs for up to 14 days post treatment
  • Can be used on all breeds of Beef and non-lactating Dairy cattle, (including pregnant cows, calves over two weeks old and bulls)
  • Farmer friendly - low volume and easy to apply
  • Rainfast - can also be applied when the hide is wet

Active Constituents:

Fenthion 200g/L

Dose Rate:


Pack Size:

500mL, 2.5L, 10L

Withholding Periods:

Milk Not for use in lactating dairy cows Meat 10 days ESI 21 Days

Parasites & Pests

  • Lice

    The major louse affecting Australian sheep is the sheep body louse, Bovicola (formerly Damalinia) ovis. The parasite feeds on the fatty secretions on the surface of the skin. Sheep lice cause intense irritation to infested sheep, resulting in pulled and cotted wool, especially around the flanks.…

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