Coforta 100

Injectable B12 & Phosphorus Solution
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Coforta® has been popular amongst horse owners, particularly those with performance horses, for many years.  Coforta® contains butaphosphan, a readily available source of phosphorus and vitamin B12, providing an energy source that can be mobilised and used quickly.  Coforta® stimulates glycogen metabolism, the ADP/ATP energy cycle, and helps restore the energy reserves of fatigued muscles.

Product Information

Product Benefits:

  • Readily available source of phosphorus
  • Source of vitamin B12 - essential for normal metabolism
  • Speeds up recovery after racing or exercise
  • Improves appetite
  • Enhances recovery from surgery or illness
  • Antioxidant – free radical scavenger
  • Stimulates immunity to fight disease
  • Wide safety margin

Active Constituents:

100 mg/mL Butaphosphan 50µg/mL Cyanocobalamin (Vitamin B12)

Dose Rate:

Coforta can be administered by intramuscular or subcutaneous injection and can be given daily if required. The dose rate for adult horses ranges from 5-25mL, and for foals 5-12mL. When volumes over 20 mL are used, the dose should be split and given at several sites. All injection equipment should be sterilised prior to use. To minimise the risk of infection, swab the injection site beforehand with an iodine-based antiseptic - such as Vetadine.

Maintain cleanliness at all times. Keep needles sharp and clean. Use needles of appropriate gauge (18-21 gauge) and length, and no longer than 15mm for subcutaneous injections.  Subcutaneous injections should be made under the skin - high on the neck and behind the ear. Intramuscular injections should be given into the neck muscle.  In cases of chronic disease, the dose may be halved and repeated at intervals of 1-2 weeks or less. In healthy animals, the dose should also be halved.

Pack Size

Clear Red Liquid, 100mL pack

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    Vitamins and minerals are a small and yet extremely important part of an animal's diet. They play a vital role in optimising livestock growth, reproduction and immunity.Inadequate intake of any of the essential minerals or vitamins results in decreased average daily weight gains, reduced feed conversion, imparied reproductive performance and compromised immunity. The result is that livestock don't reach their optimum levels of growth or reproduction.As a starting point, use the …

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